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tv   Fox 8 News at 5PM  FOX  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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economy and have a ripple effect beyond workers families. >> nights are very hard to sleep at. >> distressful think thinking that the next day we get worst. >> marcy kaptur says that these lost jobs reflect the failure of the government that other countries including china for grading our economy is still low cost republic steel's president ceo released a statement that says that we can resume operations in the near future positioned for growth and ready to provide capacity of city market turned around . have a
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temporary idling but there's no indication if and when production of a resume . the hardback because this is definitely a. >> local teenager faces charges accused of threatening to kill a man using a fake gun on which the orange city could tip had been removed to another joins us from fox 8 studio at the university of akron.. a troubling troubling case in which the please have a man with a gun making threats, they had no idea that it was was not real until after he was taken into custody at. >> we show that gun confiscated from for local teenager
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police received a 911 call from time to bother any football player from notre dame college. >> with the officers were patrolling, but for the suspect they were told that he pulled a gun and no way to determine if that was fake or not. >> thought he saw someone who looked 17 pick up his mothers ceramic bird ornaments when asked but asked for it back he was threatened with a gun and spoke to us by phone. >> fundraiser on firearms . the hunted and i know how to handle them what they look like. >> says that he cannot tell that
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>> special in the situation . i saw a firearm . police found please have a teenager near a church a few blocks away and was taken into custody without confrontation . he says he did not know until we told them thursday that the gun was not real. >> the homeowner had a concealed carry permit he probably would have fired a shot at him the end result, then find out that it was a a fake and a. >> this case the police please took a four-tiered into custody, he was caught a couple blocks away and surrendered without confrontation . his facing juvenile charges, he told the police that he found the gun a few doors away after the confrontation and denies making
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is a tough week for johnny manziel tonight, a video of video of the latest trouble for johnny manziel, seems every day something has been at the 23 -year-old in the spotlight as the ed gallek has more. >> with all the distractions, in lately maybe you forgot to renew his license plates, he was pulled over for the infraction on saturday,. >> on saturday, david north olmst 23-year-old on i-480 around 830, the dash-camera video was released today, he was given a ticket for having expired
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license plates and sent away, he can pay the women to find him a ticket a ticket order . mayor's court, they say that between this and rumors of las vegas this week and they weekend they have had in a. >> is has been in the wrong place since he's been here since i keep has had his foot out the door and does not really want to be here and have stopped caring spirit that he needs to get himself together before he plays for the browns to invest too much money on season tickets. >> this last incident, a traffic violation, i am concerned that he's not focusing on football. >> it's not clear if the team has a policy prohibiting players from traveling and they are out with an injury, tried reaching out to the browns and nfl but have not received a response back i-team is found that the cuyahoga county prosecutor wants
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former police officer charged with rape, brings up questions again about the tamir rice case is ed gallek reports back now getting an outsider appointed to handle the case of jeffrey martin, he refused to step aside for the case of 12-year-old tamir rice, jeffrey martin a former police officer for pepper pike that accused of rape and stocking and in stocking and pled not guilty, that you found that cuyahoga county prosecutor 's asked for a special prosecutor said in a conflict of interest a prosecutor has been approved in recent weeks he has faced calls to step aside and the tamir rice case but did not, last month the grand jury decided not to charge two officers involved in the boy's death, the getty getty city some reason to appoint a special prosecutor, he says in the martin case the file turnover
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ability to stay on the case, but do not see a conflict in the tamir rice case . the martin case will go would go to a grand jury and the attorney general's office will pick someone to handle it. depends because he was a police officer's club depends on what is in the file, the attorney general's office has that the move westlake police asking how to identify thieves stealing vacuums. westlake police say that this shopper at the bed bath and beyond and the promenade is a
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vacuum cleaners . investigators say the suspect moved the vacuums to a spot near the front door and then some of the accomplice to position himself in front of the electric eye that opens the automatic doors. >> it starts to close he was back to make sure that the door stays open he knows where to stand. >> then he walks out with two vacuum cleaners with a total value of $1,400 there are hot on on the black-market. >> a number of people who divide vacuum cleaners under question the circumstances from someone not a retailer's. >> store employee chased after them the parking lot she recovered one but one but wasn't was then hit by the suspect's car as they got away. >> she suffered injuries which elevates it to a strong-arm robbery, they say that this
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. >> you have to ask yourself if it is worth it, so don't get hurt, let us take care of it, if anybody's going to put the hurt on these guys are probably should be us. >> the same store was hit earlier by a man wearing a bandage. >> as the accomplice kept the doors opened he stole to dyson vacuum cleaners they also hit stores in north olmsted and perkins township. >> the detectives say years these have switched from cigarettes to baby formula, razor blades, eyeglasses and out household appliances like vacuum cleaners. >> in the end, crime is subject to the laws of supply and demand , nobody steals buggy whips or hubcaps but these vacuums are barely discernible.
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to exist, plans to close close it are in motion is a lorrie taylor joins us. >> westmont lakewood city council approved the cuyahoga county plan to close lakewood hospital to turn it into a family wellness center they say say that it is a new era in healthcare for the city. >> is the end of an era for hospital that has been part of the fabric of the town for more than a hundred years of the process of transitioning services begin immediately, in february there will be no more overnight stays, the emergency department remaining open 24/7 until the new family health center opens in 2018, on what they knew emergency room will be built across the street from the current hospital, construction of the 34 million-dollar project beginning at the end of the year 's.
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that we have the same emergency department, if you need acute care this can be taken care of in the emergency room but beyond that we can get them care quickly. >> making a major commitment to lakewood with a 34 million-dollar family health center to start construction of this year and including a in the middle of 2018 spirit >> a thousand plays at the hospital, 200 continue to work there will will be transition takes place the next two years to south carolina man since two years probation for smashing windows at downtown businesses is ordered to pay restitution and court costs he said that he used rocks to smash the windows at a cleveland clothing company and the cuyahoga county ministration building and a
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medical mutual he said that he did not and will be referred for evaluation . the baby they decide to say thanks to
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go to the causeway, can see that it is on the sunny side . earlier today we had some interesting looking clouds . talk more about that coming up later on . in the meantime, you can see some of the clouds that passed by about lorain/elyria . to the west, it was mostly clear as we saw so much of the hard shadow with mostly sunny skies here this will eventually move our way but underneath the cloud deck, it is active . approaching st. louis has been wet, from cedar rapids to the gulf coast . to the northwest of myself forget that cooler air
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liquid precipitation before the arctic air mass returned . a nice nice temperature increase the event of seven from yesterday . just not what we thought would be . even downstate, closer to 50 degrees . tonight, mostly clear night with some high clouds . it is the harbinger of moisture coming in with 27 degrees mostly clear skies you can see increasing clouds early morning . about six , 8:00 a.m., there might be a couple of pockets of freezing rain . most of it, will be liquid form .
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will be reaching 46 degrees but the possibility between shower saturday the 15th 50 . the showers continue than a sharp drop in the temperature . show the winds aloft you found them outside of the equation through saturday that a cold shot that changes it to snowfall . and this is monday . their comes a clipper, number one . it appears that once we get into the flow of next week we may see one and two workers . in between cold weather snow showers near the lake shore of high wednesday of 19th and overnight low of 10 degrees with some people in
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fox 8 the official school closing station with closings and delays on-air, online. . she was almost $200 million from
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family is belly itcher what's trending tonight. >> yesterday discussed what she would do with the money he won the powerball .. ever dreams of the money that
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won a large powerball jackpot last year has spent quite a bit, marie holmes ended up with $188 million after hitting the big last february at the mother for said she would use part of the money for her church and children's education, what happened is that she spent $21 million deal and bail and her boyfriend out of jail . the daily mail in england reports after three separate arrests, she posted several million dollars to get the father of her youngest child out of jail, and she also bought him a 15,000-dollar gold and diamond rolex.
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newspaper that -- we are a couple, she she is money i would do the same for. do not know what he was in jail for . just be something pretty serious what he is charged with. >> it was a very large bail. is flu season everybody is getting sick and people are constantly popping. >> filter for some sweet relief, researchers say that you should use chocolate, glucose and soothing your sore throat, a professor in charge of the study found that is stickier than most
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effectively, coco also has a number of common components that helps you on the band's. to get another chance to become a multimillionaire, just how much is at stake
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but it won the powerball wednesday that means that the jackpot is bigger. >> it went from $500,000,000.2 at least $700 million that number could grow before the drive on saturday as brittany harris joins us from the shell gas station and brook park. this place is extremely lucky, they have here been motivated to
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kind of cash, land why they had to get in on the action. >> the biggest jackpot in us history and could be yours. >> with the letters on wednesday the powerball is that $700 million. customers at the shell gas station and brook park are feeling lucky, many are buying tickets for. >> will stop as a murkier for 13 years he says a lot of people like to come to the store because they've had hundreds of winter's. >> had a lot of instant winners, three about two weeks ago, 3,000-dollar tickets. >> but had a 12 million-dollar winner and i've lost track, over
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buys tickets for the lplawit the winnings. issue debt went into the lump sum that is worth close to $403 million. if i went, like everybody else that would help i would help out the family, charities, there is so much money i don't know what you would do without all. >> i would buy a nice plot of land not into fancy vehicles, then divide the rest between all the family members. >> looks like there has been a cold streak with the powerball lately last time so they matched all six numbers was last year, in november of that is 18
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about my mansion in sarasota florida. >> i don't know what i would do it is hard to think about that lunch i would probably go traveling, buy a house in every state, the big shot, that be for . >> are but his mention give it to charity that is my cell in northeast ohio. >> talk about losing money, who tries to keep kids away the kids away from the tv because the stock market in china dropping . the dow dropping almost 400 points today. >> what would people do for money ? the police in the suburbs east of cleveland wonder if the same days committed the same string of burglaries targeting coin coin machines in apartment complexes as bill sheil joins us with the story
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these things do to get the money . >> with them when the use a claw hammer when of them as a lookout while the other goes to work, but after the coin machine in the laundry area of the shoregate towers and willowick . the machine is a bill changer you insert bills and then receive change of the machines . got a good picture of the lockout, the other thing,'s his efforts at one . 52 collapse into the wall . the detective said he has heard reports of similar things in euclid and richmond heights'. >> is nothing new that we have seen . we see these kind of things it is ridiculous . this is what people do for money to get money.
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got away with, the detective says that they that they hold that summit hope that someone will recognize the suspects yourself called the willowick police. the cavaliers on a five-game winning streak and lebron streak and lebron james a big part of it, last night, had 34 points on the wizards he says of his performance was inspired inspired by a small friend . she was in attendance with her nfl father, and i remember, she is now winning the fight against cancer, lebron james met with her before the game and talk about his friend later in the locker room's.
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be here tonight . her and and my two favorite women in the world . there are unbelievable . my wife and bob may be a little jealous but they've got to take a backseat to consider her courage when she has been through the last few years .. >> also be a father and to see how she remains her courage and composure with what she went through . at that point we became good friends . she's like a little sister of mine and i wish i was like a father to her to .. >> the news continues, he was let go by the bengals was picked
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playoffs. focus on the break, will stay in the 40s the next few days back that you noticed the clouds .
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so bridging your friend was at the rocksino recently. it was four years ago that album came out. >> igloo pop up and chicago and a driver's risky move with a luxury car.
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edition of the update with lou maglio. >> 17 miners trapped inside of a new york salt mine are saved, the elevator was hundreds of feet below ground in central new york near ithaca, they do send more than 2,000 feet of the, last of them were rescued 10 hours after the ordeal started. >> they are all okay. >> in dc, a newsgroup became the news with their station as she was busted and while they were covering a press conference, the thieves made off with thousands of dollars of tv equipment they were covering the announcement of a new robbery task force. >> one guy makes himself at home in the middle of chicago's chicago's loop district district
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massive igloo across from the building where he lives, and he says one of his hobbies is to clear the sidewalk and calls the structure artwork . we showed you a picture now here is the video of the mobile tv from electronic company lg, the creation is making its debut this week at the ces and las vegas, the 18-inch display is just one of the concept designs that lg is unveiling as attempts to predict the future of tv screens. maybe that could be it . we heard that you're not supposed to drive through standing water but the nonstop this man who threw caution to the wind in san diego to see drove through a flooded intersection in his 2,000-dollar lamborghini, said the car sits so low to the
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reaches the wind shield, the exhaust but it's a little bit about the driver takes off after making it through . it is so dominant in addition he risks his lamborghini. >> i said yesterday how much my dream car would be a lamborghini and you would never see me disrespect it and the risk taken . a amazing story good amazing story of survival and teamwork is technology most people do for
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>> we close this and i look through the lens . then i get the 3-d, then i can't then i can't do that can move it just by turning my head . and for a surgeon, but it's everything, to know exactly what he's getting.
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moves the heart . someone like you are in her heart's. >> it is revolutionary because the way move would in the past is to take a two-dimensional image and then try to process that took him to come up with an idea of what we would see with the babies just open. millimeters makes the difference between getting the right or wrong, once rob, once we saw the images that we knew that we could figure this out is the difference between living and dining. >> for weeks after her surgery, she was taken off a ventilator and is breathing on her own, she is expected to go home within the next two weeks to make a full recovery. >> both of you missed out on
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>> patricia to see the stuff, here's something you might want
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if you cannot wait for snowfall, he has an option. >> good carrollton virginia got tired of old man winter to arrive so he constructed his own homemade steelmaker . his parents were skeptical and needed convincing, but he has it all worked out. >> i have a steelmaker and about all the parts online and put together and now, i have been making snow in the best has to be.
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to make his own. appreciate your time,. >> the johnny manziel mess continues new video of him being pulled over. >> the standoff between an officer in the deer, watches the dee morgan entangles at. >> warming up before we drop down to cold temperatures, melissa mack has that and the 8 -day forecast .
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for a grandmother nearly killed by a hit-and-run driver stated happened just down the block from where another hit-skip nearly killed a child, ed gallek is your. >> some hard questions for the city, have found signals to keep you safer not working at the intersection with a hit-and-run crash. >> you're my mom, a woman who is a good person who would give until she had nothing left. >> i am sickened and disgusted that someone would leave for two be hurt the heard the way they did. >> the hit-and-run driver left a grandmother fighting for her life on tuesday morning about 7:00 a.m., she walked to work, crossing west 150th and churches when she was run down.
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where we showed you another hit-and-run on november outside
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